Online Networking

I’d like to thank everyone who attended our first online networking event held just a few, short weeks ago. Hosted by Samantha Borland, who serves as Client Success Specialist of Chicago-based software firm EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System), the session was a resounding success attended by professionals ranging from insurance executives and graphic artists to public relations experts and technical writers.

In addition to addressing our ongoing efforts to create unique, exciting and interesting ways to reach new audiences, the session built upon our goal to forge a mutually-rewarding community that facilitates the exchange of ideas, skills, and resources – all necessities for helping organizations of all types succeed and thrive.

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Network Exchange can help any business, even one for Reiki energy healing!

One of our first members, Jeff Carpenter, wrote this blog post about how Network Exchange has helped his reiki business in Matawan, New Jersey. 

by Jeff Carpenter of Reiki Dimensions

If you don’t know what Reiki is, you aren’t alone. Most people have never even heard of Reiki, so they have no clue about its amazing physical and emotional benefits for people and animals. As the founder and owner of Dimensions Reiki, I could barely even spell “Reiki” when I was “forced” to go to my first class. However, from that day on, I have had the privilege of observing how non-intrusive Reiki therapy reduces stress, relieves pain, and works to change the energy in the body to promote wellness. Dimensions Reiki continues to grow, working in facilities such as chemotherapy wards and neurological rehab centers to share how Reiki can complement the medical programs and regimens prescribed by doctors. Being a business that lectures on and teaches a variety of energy and metaphysical practices, Dimensions is always expanding our services into new realms, such as providing psychic and medium readings for clients and teaching new people to tap into their innate intuition and get them started on their own spiritual journeys. With all of these “outside-of-the-mainstream” services, you can imagine what it is like to try and market Dimensions…

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What is Network Exchange?

 Network Exchange is a business dedicated to helping other businesses from small to large re-organize.  Its primary goal is to build of community and to help businesses have a strategic plan in place with the information needed to succeed. The plan is to move towards business goals and help businesses have a structured plan based on their specific needs and budget. Concierge services will be offered in addition to membership benefits in order to cater to businesses needs.

Every business is different and every business has different needs. As a business owner, I came across many ideas to grow my business but I was limited with my time and skills. I attended several networking events and while happy to meet professionals and dedicated business owners I did not find the best solutions. Therefore, I tried to do things myself to save time and money. This was not efficient; nor did it generate more money. In addition, the networking events attended consisted of the same structure, people, questions and answers. Not to mention the endless elevated speeches about who you are, who is your best client and what is expected from the networking meeting.

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